Assisted Setup

Setting up a Property in the system can be time-consuming, so with this in mind, our team offers a service to setup Properties in ExactEstate for you for a small fee. For this to occur, we require all information downloaded in the Excel File is returned to us.

Information Needed

Please download the Excel file below, fill it out and send it back to us.

Export Excel Setup File

There are 19 Worksheets in the File (listed below) that must be completed, note that some worksheets are based on others, this is noted throughout each page but keep it in mind while filling out the information; Property Data, Add Ons, Parking Passes-Garages-Storage, Add Ons Assignment, Inspection Locations, Inspection Items, Floorplans, Buildings, Units, Residents, Children, Ledgers, Work Order Data, Work Order Inventory, Applicatiopn Denial Reasons, Applicatiopn Denial Letters, Late Fees, Make Ready Options, Vendors.

It is possible that you will not need to fillout each Worksheet, for example, if this is a setup for a new Property there will be no Residents or Children, but any data not added here will not be added while onboarding your new Property.