File Explorer Guide

Accessing this page allows you to view all Files uploaded for the Property that is selected within the system.

The folder structure is relatively simple here, you have 3 base directories/folders; Compliance, Marketing, Universal in which you can store your files.


To access the options described below, you must first open on of these folders on the page: Compliance, Marketing, Universal


Navigation trough the directory structure of the application is simple with the cookie trail in the header as shown below. Simply click a folder name and you will be directed back to that directory where you are able to view files.


Step 1: Upload Files

To upload files to a directory/folder you can either drag-and-drop them in the panel shown below, or click the button titled "Upload Multiple Files".


Select the files you wish and submit the form to continue with the upload.


Step 2: Create New Folder

To create a new folder, simply click the button shown below.


When the modal dialog appears, enter in the folder name you wish to add and submit the form.


Step 3: Delete

To delete a file from storage, select the files you wish to remove and click one of the buttons shown below


You must then confirm the removal of the files/folders before they will be deleted.


Compliance Files

Files located in this directory should contain all pertinent Compliance files needed at a Property.

Marketing Files

Files located in this directory are meant for Marketing purposes. There are seasonal folders where you can upload specific Marketing Material for a Property for a specific month of the year for easier tracking in the system.


Universal Files

Files located in this directory can be anything other than Compliance or Marketing files. Think of this directory as your "free" folder where you can do whatever you want to store the files needed by the Property selected.