Resident Renewals

Step 1

Navigate to the resident whose lease you want to renew from the Resident Search Page.


Open the Resident Actions Page and click on Lease Information.

Note: If the "Lease Information" tab is red, it means that the resident's lease needs to be renewed.


Step 2

Select the "Renew Lease" button located at the bottom of the "Lease Information" tab..


Step 3

Here is where you will enter information regarding their new lease.

The Choose New Unit field and Lease Price fields are auto-populated with their current unit and lease price information. Both of these fields can be edited. You will need to enter their new Lease Start and Lease End information.


Once you have entered that information, press "Proceed to Step 2"

Step 4

This screen will allow you to generate TIC's, and review the new lease information. Once you have reviewed and confirmed all the information is accurate, click "Renew Lease For Unit".

Once the TIC is approved, you can upload the file to the Resident Files section seen below.


Once you have renewed a lease, you will be redirected to the resident actions page.