Staff Reports

Staff Reports are web-forms that you can create in a custom manner to have staff fill out. Think of these as reporting tools that allow users to update you on progress about specific tasks. A Marketing Report where a narrative is provided about locations leasing specialists visited for a day could be a good example for a Staff Report. Each Staff Report can be assigned to a Property in your Portfolio so it can be filled out by users with access to that same Property.


For information on creating new staff reports, please see the admin section for Staff Reports.

Step 1

You can find Staff reports under the "Reports" tab in the side navigation.


Step 2

Find the staff report you want to submit and click on the cog icon (). You will be given an option to submit the form, click "Submit" to continue. img

Step 3

Enter your narrative into the field provided. Once you are done, click "Submit Data". Your email will be sent automatically. img